Audi Quattro Tresor – 1984

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Introduced at the 1983 IAA in Frankfurt, the Treser Audi Quattro Roadster was one of the first and few attempts to make a convertible version of the Audi Ur-Quattro. Brainchild of Walter Treser, former Audi-Sport boss, the Treser Quattro Roadster was a convertible with a hardtop roof. This hardtop roof was, in contrary to other hardtops like B+B's Magic-Top Mercedes SEC, a manually operated roof when the car was introduced in 1983. At the touch of a button the rear lid opened, all you had to do was to undo a pair of latches and flip the whole fibreglass roof in the trunk. However, later versions of Treser's Audi Quattro Roadster used a fully automatic system with hydraulic actuators that tilted the lid and made the roof dissapear in the trunk and vice versa. A hardtop roof usually takes a lot of space and especially when it's in one piece as is the case with the Treser Audi. This meant that the Audi Quattro, which was a 4-seater had to give up it's rear seats, and have them replaced with some very small seats, not suited to seat adults. Naturally Walter Treser fitted the roofless Audi Quattro with all kinds of reinforcements to ensure the handling was exactly the same, or even better than the stock Quattro. The new ro. Extra horsepower could also be ordered in the shape of a 250BHP engine (instead of the stock 200). A Treser Audi Quattro Roadster was yours for 142.000DM in 1983. Not exactly cheap, but by 1985, two years after the introduction in Frankfurt, Treser had already built and sold some 40 cars that went mostly to the Middle-East, the USA and the UK.


Vehicle Tresor
Price On request
Kilometers 44,130 km
Color Black
Transmission Manual
Drive Type 4WD
Engine 5 cylinder in-line 2.1L


Year 1984
Make Audi
Model Quattro
Vehicle Tresor
Seats 2+2
Doors 2
Drive Type 4WD
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Weight (kg) 1296
Engine Displacement (cc) 2144
Engine Displacement (ci) 131
Engine Location Front
Engine Type in-line
Engine (l) 2.1
Engine Cylinders 5
Engine Max Power (HP) 197
Engine Max Power (kW) 147
Engine Max Power (PS) 200
Country Germany