Porsche 911 930 Turbo Flachbau Slantnose 505 – 1987


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Holland Classic Cars | Porsche 911 930 Turbo Flachbau Slantnose 505

This very rare colored (Cassisrot) 930 Slantnose / Flachbau (505) is in absolute mint condition. Only one has been built in this exact color combination. Only 3 cars with option 505 have been built in this color. Well documented maintenance records and the car has been professionally detailed so it looks amazing. technically very solid car and no accidents

Type 930. 300 bhp, 3,299 cc SOHC horizontally opposed air-cooled six-cylinder engine with a single turbocharger and Bosch electronic fuel injection, four-speed manual transmission, independent front and rear suspension, and ventilated and cross-drilled power disc brakes. Wheelbase: 2,272 mm The Porsche 911 has one of the most recognisable side profiles the world around: the upright headlights flowing to the A pillars providing a smooth line that draws the eye back to the joint of the sloping hood and the classic whale tail spoiler. A 911 just isn’t a 911 without this look – except when it’s a Flachbau. In 1978, the 911 Turbo was upgraded yet again to the Turbo 3.3 – a 3,299-cubic centimetre engine equipped for the first time with an intercooler. Filling the cylinders with cool air not only allowed for a higher compression ratio of 7.0:1, but also allowed for better fuel efficiency. The uprated engine produced a power output of 300 brake horsepower, an increase of 40 horsepower over the previous 3.0-litre version. The performance of the Turbo was at its ultimate peak and was Germany’s fastest production sports car. Rumour has it that in 1981, a racing sponsor and 930 owner was so inspired by the model’s performance that he asked Porsche to make it into a Type 935 look-alike – they responded by giving buyers the option of the Flachbau, or ‘Flat Nose’. The ‘Flat Nose’ changed the iconic look of the 911, turning the prominent headlights into flip-up versions and adding vents behind the driver’s door. The ‘Flat Nose’ came at a premium, as each car had to have the fender hand shaped; as such, only 948 were made. Your visit to our showroom is greatly appreciated


Vehicle Turbo *Flachbau Slantnose*
Price 299.500 
Kilometers 41,920 km
Color metallic Cassis Rot
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Rear
Engine 6 cylinder boxer 3.3L


Year 1985
Make Porsche
Model 911 930
Vehicle Turbo *Flachbau Slantnose*
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Displacement (cc) 3299
Engine Displacement (ci) 201
Engine Type boxer
Engine (l) 3.3
Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Max Power (HP) 330
Engine Max Power (kW) 221
Engine Max Power (PS) 334
Country Germany