The great power of the internet , the possibilities it offers for direct and detailed communication between buyer and seller.

Superclassics, established in 2001, is a well-regarded website for bringing together providers , restorers and parts specialists in the classic car industry . The site is accessed daily by vintage car enthusiasts as well as companies active in the sector itself . With more than 1,200 addresses , names and presentations of suppliers to the classic Automotive branche Superclassics provides the latest overview of Europe.

Advertising rates 2018

Special positions:

DEALER PAGE Including 6 cars as latest listing and 50 cars in Classic cars for sale

€ 495,00 for 1 year

Advertisement 728 x 90 pixels Header € 725,00 for 1 year (not available)

Advertisement 300 x 150 on homepage and below page rotating € 425,00 for 1 year

What are the costs to advertise on „Superclassics“ branchedirectory

Logo 200 x 105 pixels under 1 directory page: € 95.00 for 1 year

Logo 200 x 105 pixels under 2 directory pages € 160.00 for 1 year

Logo 200 x 105 pixels under 3 directory pages € 210.00 for 1 year

Social Media

Superclassics promotes your products and services on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
Together with the high reputation we have built up since 2001, this would result in a range of monthly average of 150,000 individual visits *

* Measure Moment May 2016

All contracts are for the indicated period and are not renewed automatically, unless otherwise agreed.
Note: all prices exclude VAT.

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