Marlog Car Handling

If you need help shipping American cars, to anywhere in the world? Please contact Marlog Car Handling. We are a professional company and are specialised in classic car imports. We are here for the whole shipping and transporting process regarding American cars, motorcycles, classic cars and boats to any place around the world, for both the private enthusiast or collector and for the professional dealer. We operate on a global scale and make sure that every vehicle is transported safely, fast and easy. We are a reliable company for classic car imports. We have a dense network around the world, from America and Canada to Japan and Dubai. We take care of the whole transporting process when it comes to shipping American cars and other vehicles. We do not only help you with classic car imports, we can also export vehicles, by road and by sea. So, do you need help with shipping American cars or other classic car imports? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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