Millstone Classics

Passion leads to perfection

Millstone Classics is based on a passion for classic cars. I think these cars offer a sense of history and beauty that is combined with a pure driving experience. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with others and therefore I offer you the following services.


Every day I’m offered a fine selection of classic cars. Only those of exceptional quality that put a smile on my face and have that little something special will be offered to you. Before sale every car will be subject to the Millstone Classics 100-point check. This is an extensive check that covers all of the car’s facets. The report of this check will be included with the car.


Did you know that besides being your ticket to adventure, classic cars can also be a solid investment? In my presentation I cover all aspects of investing in classic cars and I would love to share it with you and your group of friends.


Have you always wanted a classic car but afraid your dream will turn into a nightmare?
Are you an experienced collector in need of a second opinion?
I follow the developments in the classic cars market closely and have a wide network of experts in all kinds of fields related to classic cars. I can provide you with the solid advice you need to find the classic car that’s perfect for you.