Cyril Sars Citroen Cars

Monday June 19th, 2017 Peter Groenhart 0

Your Citroën DS, SM & Maserati Merak Phase I specialist with over 35 years of experience. From technical maintainance, engine overhaul, damage repair, interior & extorior restauration, CitroSars will be at your service. Visit our […]


Chateau Deux Chevaux

Friday May 19th, 2017 Peter Groenhart 0

Chateau Deux Chevaux is a car company located in the middle of the Netherlands. I am specialised in repairing and restoring 2CVs, Traction Avant, and other classics. Read more


Firma Ton van Soest

Monday May 15th, 2017 Peter Groenhart 0

Ton van Soest Auto’s is een gespecialiseerd bedrijf in alle type citroen`s. Wij verkopen en repareren alle typen citroen`s tegen zeer concurerende prijzen. Wij hebben ongeveer 35 XM`S ,vele CX-en en verder een breed scala […]


Harry Martens Limmen

Thursday March 30th, 2017 Peter Groenhart 0

Harry Martens of Limmen specializes in overhauling and repairing manual and automatic transmissions and particularly for Citroën ID/DS/SM/CX/XM/C32/C35/2CV/HY and TA models. Also for BX 4TC, Peugeot 205 T 16, Ligier JS 2, Lotus Esprit, Maserati […]